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Form: Meal, 50# Bag

4% Protein

80% Fat

TNT is another new addition to the Lindner-United lineup. Unique filler that explodes softens and maintains freshness.

  • Feed as the Fiber, Mineral, Vitamin, and Trace Mineral portion of the diet to finishing swine.
  • Add as needed for individual feeding. Be sure to provide unlimited access to clean, fresh water.
  • To limit gain, mix at a ratio of 3# TNT to 1# complete feed.
  • To expand body, replace 8 oz. of complete feed with 8 oz. of TNT, and every 4 days add an additional 2 oz. TNT until desired fill is reached.

Form: Meal, 5# Bucket

24% Protein

11% Fat

2% Lysine

Medicated: None

Joint Supplement (contains Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, and Collagen). Ulcer preventative included. Prebiotics for APPETITE & GUT HEALTH. Feed 1 oz of System Mechanic daily.

Form: Meal, 50# Bag

4% Protein

80% Fat

Coconut-oil based product that can be used as an added source of FAT. You feed less Full Figure than similar fat supplements to get desired results. Start with 2 oz per feeding and can work up to 6 oz per feeding if needed.  Great when fed wet or dry

Form: Meal, 5# Bucket

14% Protein

14% Fat

0.7% Lysine

Designed to be fed to harder made pigs needingSOFTNESS & BODY. Feed 1/4 to 1/2 pound per feeding. Works great wet or dry

Form: Liquid, 1 Gallon

2.75% Protein

52% Fat

0.22% Lysine  Protein: 2.75% Fat: 52% Lysine: 0.22%

Medicated: None 

This liquid energy supplement is quickly accepted with a RAPID result in FRESHNESS. Dial N is a must-use supplement the week before your target shows. 1 to 3 oz per feeding.

Form: Meal/Pellet , 25# Bag

23% Protein

7% Fat

1.5% Lysine  Protein: 2.75% Fat: 52% Lysine: 0.22%

Medicated: Ractopamine 

Formulated to get MAXIMUM response. Rely on this Ractopamine product for extra performance in the show ring on MASS & SHAPE. For ease of feeding and consistency. Feeding rate: 4 oz = 4.5g/ton, 8 oz = 9.0 g/ton.

Form: Meal, 10# Bucket

20% Protein

4.5% Fat

3.4% Lysine  

Medicated: Ractopamine

Formulated to get MAXIMUM response. Rely on this Ractopamine product for extra performance in the show ring on MASS & SHAPE. For ease of feeding and consistency. Feeding rate: 4 oz = 4.5g/ton, 8 oz = 9.0 g/ton.

Form: Meal, 7.5# Bucket

65% Protein

0.5% Fat

5.5% Lysine  

Medicated: None 

Use Tune N to MANAGE or BURN excess fat. Works great in conjunction with XXL or Vitamin P to more rapidly achieve a trimmer and shapelier appearance. Start with feeding 2 oz per feeding for 6 to 10 days before your target show

Form: Powder, 2.5# Container

4.8% Protein

6% Fat 

Medicated: None

Great electrolyte to increase FLUID CONSUMPTION and MUSCLE HYDRATION at the show! Enhanced flavor and scent to get them drinking and keep them drinking. Mix two ounces per 8 quart bucket.

Form: Meal

25% Protein

12.5% Fat

1.7% Lysine 

Medicated: None 

Unique holding ration – SLOW DOWN GAIN WITHOUT CRASHING. Feed 3 lbs/day to gain one pound. Adjust according pounds to desired target weight.




30% Protein  

4.4% Fat

2.3% Lysine


A high-protein maintenance feed for show pigs to help preserve muscle shape and volume when a limited diet is being fed. Hang Time can also be fed as a “fat burner” to help define and tone muscle appearance prior to showing.

A high-protein supplement for all species of show livestock. Final Drive contains multiple high-quality plant and animal protein sources along with highly bio-available trace minerals, vitamins, and ShowBloom. Comes in a very palatable pellet form for easy mixing. Feed at ½ – 2 lb/hd/day.


Ractopamie hydrochloride: 450g/ton

41% Protein  

3.2% Fat

4.4% Lysine

Paylean supplement for pigs with added Biotin to help support hoof integrity. Designed to be fed along with a complete diet to pigs weighing more than 150lbs.

An 80% animal fat supplement for increasing body condition.

For Swine feed at 2-4 oz/hd/day.



Form: Meal

6% Protein  

70% Fat

Medication: None


  • Feed at the rate of 1/8% to 1/2% body weight per day for desired condition.
  • Use as a ration mix or top dress
  • Provides the most advanced sources of fat and milk products for improved bloom and condition.


  • Unique blend of dry fat and milk sources for sheen and fat cover.
  • Enhances bloom through all development stages.

Supports immediate acceptance and improved consumption

Form: Pelleted

8% Protein  

1% Fat

30% Fiber

0.2% Lysine

Medication: None

Feed at    2.0 to 5.0 lb per head, per day

  • Increases the capacity of the stomach or rumen.
  • When limit feeding, adding Full TankTM maintains “gut fill” and keeps the fresh, expanded look.
  • Reduces stress level and hard look associated with low feed intake.
  • Contains probiotics to aid digestion.
  • May be added to a holding ration weeks prior to the show.
  • Can be fed leading up to show and on show day for added fill and gut expansion.
  • Convenient when intake is restricted to limit weight gain.
  • Available in two forms: 1/8″ pellets to help reduce waste and meal form for easy consumption.
  • More efficient than beet pulp alone

Form: Meal

28.5% Protein  

50% Fat

2.26% Lysine

Medication: None

Sunglo Game On is a high palatable, all NEW fat source! A nutritional supplement used for an award winning fresh look in all classes and stages of developing show pigs, sheep, goats, and cattle

  • HOG FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Top-dress 2 to 8 ounces per head per day of Game On along with the normal amount of regular show feed needed to achieve the desired feed intake.

Form: Liquid

99% Fat

Medication: None

Swine: Mix 20-100 lbs per ton of complete feed

A liquid oil top dress to add additional energy in the form of fat to the diet. Contains twice the level of calories compared to normal feed grains.

11% Protein  

5.5% Fat

10% Fiber

0.5% Lysine

Calcium (Min): 0.10% – Calcium (Max): 0.40%

Phosphorus (Min): 0.35%

  • Multi-species supplement for swine, cattle, goats and sheep provides fill for a variety of animals.
  • Fed as sole ration, Sunglo® S’More FillTM will enhance show day fill faster than grains alone.
  • Highly palatable formula encourages consumption and helps reduce waste.

Feeding Options:

  • Hand feed as a top dress at the rate of  0.5 to 1.0 lb. per head, per day.
  • Mix with water, soak overnight and feed  for extra fill.
  • Use as a sole ration to enhance show day fill.
  • Add 100 lb. per ton of Sunglo® S’More FillTM show supplement as a supplemental add pack to quality show feeds.

Form: Meal

13% Protein  

6% Fat

0.5% Fiber

1% Lysine

Medication: None

Supplement to provide and replenish vital nutrients and electrolytes

4-Sure® supplement provides and replenishes vital nutrients and electrolytes. Use when showing beef cattle, sheep, goats and swine during periods of stress and/or low daily feed intake.

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