The Best in Feed

We are committed to maintaining the best feed options we can for our customers. Each brand that we carry has been chosen specifically to bring the best quality for our animals. From pets to hobby farms, large scale operations, show operations, and more– we have something that can benefit you. 

We Deliver

We know that our customers have busy schedules. Picking up feed can be tiresome and becomes another chore to handle. For our customers that have time to come pick feed up, we are happy to load it for you. However for our customers that don’t have the time, we are more than happy to deliver feed to your operation. 

Always Fresh

We are mindful about keeping our feeds fresh and to minimize the time that they sit in storage. It is for this reason that we want our customers to let us know what feeds they wish to buy. We floor stock products that we know will be needed and aim to keep all of our feeds as fresh as possible so you & your animals find them to your satisfaction.


When I arrive at Rosebud Ranch (Heartland Feed), where do I go & whom do I talk to when I get there?

If you are a new customer we encourage you to call us so we can make sure that we carry the product you are looking for. We also want to make sure that we have the product in stock and available. Not all of the products that we offer are in stock at all times. Your first time to Heartland Feeds we will establish you as a customer and we typically do that in our office before loading you out of our shipping & receiving area. 

When you physically arrive to Heartland Feeds you will see our large horse barn, Rosebud Ranch. When you park in front of the barn there is a walkway in the front left side that leads you around to where our office is. During the week Monday-Friday you will usually find someone in the office. If for some reason someone is not in the office you can call Caitlin at (765) 427-1439. She is around during weekdays. 

Once you are established with us, most of our customers will contact Caitlin directly and arrange their pick up that way. Especially with COVID we have been utilizing contact free pick-ups. We will meet you with your invoice ready.

Do you only carry feeds listed on the site?

No, we have access to many more feeds than we have listed on our website. We are established with every brand that we have listed on our site (Kent, Lindner, Purina, Kalmbach (Tribute), Triple Crown, Nutrena, and Sunglo). Each of these brands carries a large amount of products. We have listed a general overview of some of these feeds on our website. There are many products that we can bring in that are not listed on the website. 

What if the product I want is not carried?

Contact Caitlin to inquire about the product so we can look into getting it brought in. 

If the product is by a brand that we carry we will do our best to get the product in for you with our next shipment.


If you are looking for a brand that we do not carry we can do our best to look into it for you. Many of the brands we currently carry are due to customer inquiries.

Are you open on the weekends?

We are open on the weekends by appointment. If you show up to Rosebud you might find some employees taking care of the horses but often times there might not be someone in the office. It is for this reason that we request call ahead orders for our weekend pick-ups. 

How can I take advantage of your option for delivery?

We currently deliver feed to a wide variety of places around Brookston. Please contact us to see if this is a good option for you. We are currently delivering to West Lafayette, Goshen, Lebanon, West Point, and Lafayette and are open to fitting new customers in! 

What products are floor stocked?

Our Livestock feeds are typically stocked on a seasonal basis, especially show feeds and supplements. We stay in good communication with our current livestock customers to ensure that we keep the products they need in stock in a timely manner. 


There are a few horse feeds that we keep in stock year round. Those currently are Nutrena Proforce Fuel, Nutrena Proforce Senior, Tribute Kalm N EZ’, Tribute Kalm Ultra, and Tribute Essential K.

What payment methods do you accept?

Right now we accept cash and check payments. We are looking into adding credit card options as well as venmo / phone payment. 

Nutrimental, Consistent, Palatable Feed With Great Taste.

Heartland Feeds is open 7 days a week by appointment. We will load your feed right here at the ranch, or if it is convenient; we offer delivery for our customers. We are sticking to our old fashioned roots and through our service, strive to remind our customers that they are our top priority!

Amanda Mullins

“Doing business with Heartland Feeds has been an enjoyable, positive experience each and every time. They focus on customer service and having fresh, high quality feeds. They are very accommodating to their customers and ensure that you are satisfied. Heartland Feeds is willing to accommodate the needs of their customers, even if it means special ordering of products or expanding their product lines. Heartland Feeds is the up and coming feed store for folks raising and showing swine in the Lafayette area.” 


Austin & Hayze Wolf

“After recently moving our herd to Rensselaer, Indiana from Michigan we knew making that transition would require lots of coordinating. Feeding our herd was our main worry. When we were directed to Heartland Feeds we had no idea what we were getting into. Heartland has taken great care of us and has been so on top of feed orders, and getting those in a timely manner–including delivering the feed to us.  We feel that we are more than just a customer to Heartland Feeds and couldn’t think of a better source to get our necessary feeds from.”

Contact Us

See a feed you like? Contact us today so we can have it ready for you! Not seeing what you need? Let us know so we can help you meet your animal’s needs. We are always happy to help and are actively expanding our product lines to better serve our customers. 

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